How to Survive the Con: a vendor's tale

A fun book about cons from a vendors point of view

I am so poor! I do not take vacations. I've had a kid since I was a teenager. Not a lot of the best luck in life but one day I was lucky enough to be invited to working at a con. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. I am such an introvert that talking at all around people I don't know is a huge struggle. I spent most of my life just avoiding people because they don't like me, I'm weird, I'm awkward, just everything. But none of that is true at cons! Everyone is wonderful, they are fun, they bring out a side of me that I love and look forward to every day that I am not at a con!! 

My partner in crime/writing/life/ production/long discussions about fictional people/and so much more is an extreme introvert and a huge fan of all the entertainment things! Cons are like his second home. He invited me to my first con. My entire life changed after that day. I think that is why we started dating... but don't tell him :-) 

We really wanted to talk about the things that we experienced and how much fun it can be. We also thought it would be fun to give newbies tips on how to save time, get around, meet people and get the most out of their con experience