What We Can Do For You!


Scripts and Manuscripts

Need an extra set of eyes on your new screenplay and/or manuscript? We can read it for you and kick start the editing process! This ranges from simple proofreading to full notes with suggestions! Full edits beyond proofreading are also possible! We are also willing to read your script out loud for your so you can hear your words. Sometimes you need to hear someone else.

Health and Wellness

Self-care is important and we firmly believe in committing to proper mental and spiritual health. So ask for one of our metaphysical services, and we can have you saged, meditated, and your cards read before you know it!

Website Partnerships

Would you like to get involved and already have a lot to share? Contact us and collaborate!  We can promote and host your creative content alongside our D.I.Y. catalog of projects!


We don't know what to charge you. We feel that every project and person is different and needs something different. Plus we know that most artists are struggling, especially now. Our main concern is working together. Building up our community. So instead of a focus on money we would rather take the time to help you and then maybe you can take the time to help someone else. We welcome donations.