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Cons and Covid!!

Due to the pandemic the cons have been canceled/rescheduled. We will update you as we get more information. Please stay safe and at home!

Please do not get down in these times. It is very easy to do right now. Please reach out, if not here to a therapist, friends, anyone you can that will support you.  


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We will be setting up groups online for those interested


DIY (Do It Yourself) Entertainment is a company full of writers and creators who wish to share their stories through different types of media with the world: as well as offer our own services when needed/wanted. We are just beginning, so be patient with us and we will help each other grow.


Here is where you can find books like "How I F@#$ Up My Suicide" or stay updated on our ongoing book series such as "Tales From Another Earth" or "R.A.B.T."

We are primarily an entertainment company, we also offer metaphysical help such as therapy, sage, card readings and other requests. Fees depend on the requested situation and parties involved, but it usually rests somewhere between $10.00 and $20.00.

Read the What We Can Do For You! and Contact Us sections to learn more, and we look forward to working with you to create something extraordinary.

What We Can Do For You!


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Featured Artist

Our current featured artist is Kouta Kimera. He is in the middle of creating an entire world! In this series the earth and world as we know it has been destroyed.  This new world and it's creatures are growing right off a turtles back! WHAT? You heard me right. Check it out!

Click on the photo for more information about her novel and how you can purchase it!


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