Coming Soon from D.I.Y. To You!

From D.I.Y. Co-Founders Heather Nauman and Edmund Poliks comes a color(ing)ful comic for the ages : R.A.B.T. It follows a group of four co-workers at the vaguely sinister tech firm R.A.B.T. as they find themselves ridden with inconvenient superpowers. With mounting anxieties and their shadowy corporate masters mysteriously on their tails, these four must grab hold of their abilities and unveil a conspiracy that could threaten their lives! Or worse, their jobs!

R.A.B.T. will blend grounded super-heroics with a health-conscious approach that will secretly educate readers about mental health as it entertains them. Bring along a box of crayons and color pencils to unveil R.A.B.T.'s other title as a Coloring Comic Book! Fill in the drawings with relaxing colors and let yourself become immersed in the fast-paced, frightening, and funny world of R.A.B.T.! 

We here at D.I.Y.Entertainment are trying to bring you this comic but we are having trouble finding an illustrator. As soon as we do we have a number of issues ready to come out! I cannot wait to hear what you all have to say about R.A.B.T.!

Coming in 2019!!!