My thoughts

Parasite - You are free to have your own opinion, this is mine

When I decide if I like a movie or not, it depends on certain factors. The first part is entertainment: Does it entertain me? That means a movie has a pretty decent chance of not landing on the bleh list if it's entertaining. I do however think there are movies, and other forms of entertainment, that should not be held up as any standard and I think there is a time and place for certain things. In this time in our lives, certain forms of entertainment should not even be in the process of being made. Parasite is one that can be made right now but deserved no awards. Especially right now. Hear me out:

   Parasite is a well directed and well acted movie. Did it break in grounds: no. It's just a movie with normal people acting like normal people. It was done in a normal setting. It was extremely normal and was taken from things in life that happen. Maybe real life things aren't as crazy and elaborate as what happens in Parasite, but its not even so overdone that I don't think it could happen. I do not understand why it is such a feat at all actually. 

   Why do I think it should NOT have won anything: it gives the wrong message for an award winning movie. It says that rich people are stupid and poor people smell. Well if you have ever been the smelly person or called smelly in your life, I guarantee you took offense to this movie. In these times, with the thing we have in office running things, I do not think it is a great time to put THIS movie as our number one choice. Another reason is there are NO redeeming qualities in ANY of our main characters. This is a huge problem for award-winning movies. It gives people no one to feel for, which for normal people would be fine. But we have become a group of people that NEEDS to have someone to follow, and will even if we do not know it. These people in Parasite should not be looked up to in any way, shape, or form. The last point I will make on this part is that it did nothing new when we had SO many great movies that DID something new and were much better! 

   OK, so the Oscars fucked up with Green Book the year before. it should have gone to BlackKKlansman or something like that. Parasite was NOT a fix. A fix would have been The Farewell. I don't know if there were ANY unlikable characters in that movie. It taught me wonderful things about the Chinese culture. And it is a movie that I would think people would learn a lot from. This would have been a fix. Giving it to something like Parasite is just looking down on everyone, like that industry always has. 

      Shit move Hollywood. Grow up, you are not in high school anymore. 

Entertainment freedom today - This is my opinion, you can have your own

So normally I think freedom of speech is a great thing. I do however have to agree with that old saying "to everything there is a season." Freedom of speech is a great thing and we are a lucky country to have it. Unfortunately we have done such a poor job of taking care of it we are going to lose this right and we almost don't deserve it at this point. Let me explain with entertainment. 

We have become so stupid that we look to instructions, TV, movies, social media for not only people with like minded opinions but people to basically tell us what to do. It is sad. But since this is what we have let ourselves become we cannot let ourselves be taught and sucked into the wrong ways of thinking. So this whole freedom of speech in some aspects might become more of a problem soon if we do not start learning how to teach, learn, listen and understand others and the world around us. Right now the USA has become so stupid we literally elected a reality star as our resident simply because we want to be entertained. That is it! 

Well, if this is the way we are going to be maybe our entertainment should reflect smart choices so that we start making smart choices. I don't think that this is the way life should be though. Taking away the freedom of choice and speech is an awful thought. We will lose it if we do not figure out how to take care of it though. I promise you that! 

Things like Tiger King are a disgusting piece of not entertainment that no one should be wasting their time on. But, of course, 'mericans are???? If people could handle it I think it would be fine but obviously we can not handle it anymore. I do not understand why people want, or strive to make themselves as dumb as they possibly can. 

Please take a moment and think about what you consume. If you are going to consume trash, relish in trash, learn from trash... eventually you will be trash. Look around America and you can see it is true.  We have the people we have in control, in control because we lack the ability to make decent choices. To follow the correct people. When I watch young children I see them mimic the people around them: for better or worse. I think this time we have all gotten stuck in "mimic" world. It's like I say to my children: "Responsible, respectful people who get their stuff done are allowed privileges and choices. Those who are not responsible, respectful, and do not get their things done are not allowed privileges." We do not deserve what we have right now and I think we might need to be grounded. I hope we all decide to straighten up.