How I F****ed up My Suicide

Based on real events

This F****ed up book is an autobiography written by one of the founders of DIY: Rabeckha D. Donaldson. 


Rabeckha Donaldson was a single parent just trying to do her best to get by. Saddled within a poverty cycle and dragging around a wide variety of mental problems, Rabeckha's life seemed destined for failure. But in a lifetime full of its own trials and regrets, the one thing that she could always hold on to was the love and continued safety of her three precious boys. Their day-to-day became her every day, and it was enough to steady the torrential, anxious waters she would sail through. However, when life starts to kick you even after you're already down, how can you stay afloat? When your house slowly crumbles around you and a string of stalkers threaten to ensnare your entire life, how can you know which way is up?

Rabeckha is forced to ask herself these very same questions as her and her childrens' lives begin a tragic collapse. Teetering towards a complete breakdown, Rabeckah's mind lingers between desperation for her children and suicidal thoughts. When events unfold and those thoughts threaten to become more, Rabeckha must wrestle with her shattered hopes, embittered fears, and the desperate actions she may have to take.

Now available on Kindle, Amazon, and paperback. Catch up now before the newest chapter in the "How Series" unfolds!


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